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    1. VIN (Vehicle Identification Number, Aka Serial Number)  A picture of vin tag is required for order
    2. A Photo of Fender Tag and Pencil Rubbing of Fender Tag is required
      Aka Body Code Plate.  We would like to see some photos of vehicle also


  • Color Copy of the  Broadcast Sheet
    Aka Track Sheet
  • OPTIONAL: Photocopy of Original Window Sticker, Invoice, etc. Written Fender Tag must accompany pencil rubbing
  • Proof of ownership–bill of sale, title, or registration showing current owner of vehicle. 


ALSO: If the Broadcast Sheet you found is not the correct sheet for your car: send items 1 & 2 above along with the Broadcast Sheet found. I may have your original Broadcast Sheet.


A. Verification and decode of a Broadcast Sheet

($105.00  for Canada, Mexico, International)                                                                     $ 87.00 US only

B. Verification and decode of fender tag, and Galen’s 2 page  Registry Letter       $194.00  US only

($212.00 for Canada, Mexico, International)

C. Verification and decode of fender tag, broadcast sheet & Galen’s 2 page Registry $265.00 US only

 ($283.00  for Canada, Mexico, International)

To decode a partial Broadcast Sheet
If you have a Fender Tag
& a partial Broadcast Sheet                
$242.00 US Only

($262.00 for Canada, Mexico, International)

If we determine that the fender tag or broadcast sheet  is incorrect or bogus we will decline the order. All charges still apply.  We will send a decline letter with an explanation as to why we are declining the order.   We will not decode a bogus or incorrect fender tag. 

  Call or Write:

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Galen V. Govier
PO Box 516
Prairie du Chien, WI  53821-0516
(608) 326-6346 VOX
(608) 326-8061 FAX


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