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YEAR MAKE          Data Book and/or        Color & Upholstery Set ____________PRICE                         


1971 DODGE               Data Book                                             $ 250.00

1972 DODGE               Data Book w/ color & Upholstery Set    $300.00


The Data Book is what the dealer showed the customer when ordering a new car. It lists Sales Codes and shows options & specifications, photos of popular options, instrument panels, wheels, steering wheels, etc. It lists Accessory Groups, Axle Pkgs. and what they consist of.

The Color & Trim Selector is the other half of the set. It shows seats & door panel examples and lists all available interior trim codes on each model, as well as stripes. It shows examples of vinyl roofs and convertible tops.

YEAR         MOPAR – MASTER PARTS CATALOG                          DATED                                $ PRICE


1962                MASTER PARTS CATALOG                                                                               SOLD OUT

1965                MASTER PARTS CATALOG                                                                               SOLD OUT

1967                MASTER PARTS CATALOG                                                                               $100.00

1968                MASTER PARTS CATALOG                                       APRIL 1968                       SOLD OUT

1969                MASTER PARTS CATALOG                                                                              SOLD OUT

1970-71           MASTER PARTS CATALOG                                   JANUARY 1972                       $400.00


The Master Parts Catalog is what the Parts Department used when ordering replacement parts. It lists most every part on that vehicle with few exceptions (Major Assemblies). It also has pages of Illustrations making the parts easier to identify, as well as an Index and an Upholstery section. There are a few printings throughout the year and then what they call a Final Printing.

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