For ALL Mopars (1962-1980)

Please forward a photo of the fender tag, and dash vin.

along with your name & address and payment of $16.00 to register your car.

If you have the broadcast sheet and or window sticker or any original documents to your vehicle please forward color copies of that information also.

bullet 1962-1964 Max Wedge
bullet 1964-1968 Super Stock Hemi's
bullet 1966-1971 HEMI Convertibles, GSS Darts/Demons
bullet 1968 BENGAL Chargers
bullet 1969 SAVAGE GTs
bullet 1969 CHARGER 500 & DAYTONA's
bullet 1969-1974 Sunroof Cars
bullet 1970 300 HURST
bullet 1969-1972 440+6 B, C & E-Bodies
bullet 1970 Challenger T/A & AAR Cuda's
bullet 1971 Challenger Indy Pace Car Convertibles
bullet 1978 ASPEN & VOLARE Super Coupe & STREET Kit Cars
bullet 1964-65 Custom Sport Specials, Warlocks
bullet 1978-1979 'Lil Red Express Trucks.


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