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                    For ALL Mopars (1962-1980)

Please forward a photo of the fender tag, and dash vin.

along with your name & address and payment of $18.00 to register your car.

If you have the broadcast sheet and or window sticker or any original documents to your vehicle please forward color copies of that information also.

bullet1962-1964 Max Wedge
bullet1964-1968 Super Stock Hemi's
bullet1966-1971 HEMI Convertibles, GSS Darts/Demons
bullet1968 BENGAL Chargers
bullet1969 SAVAGE GTs
bullet1969 CHARGER 500 & DAYTONA's
bullet1969-1974 Sunroof Cars
bullet1970 300 HURST
bullet1969-1972 440+6 B, C & E-Bodies
bullet1970 Challenger T/A & AAR Cuda's
bullet1971 Challenger Indy Pace Car Convertibles
bullet1978 ASPEN & VOLARE Super Coupe & STREET Kit Cars
bullet1964-65 Custom Sport Specials, Warlocks
bullet1978-1979 'Lil Red Express Trucks.


Effective today, we are not accepting any new fender tag or broadcast sheet decoding orders, Fender Tag Orders, Registry letters requests, or Visual Inspection and or appraisals requests due to the backlog we that we currently have.  If you have any questions, please contact Diane at 608 326 6346 or gts@mhtc.net



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