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SEND via e-mail or via through the mail.

    1. VIN (Vehicle Identification Number, Aka Serial Number)  A picture of vin tag is required for order
    2. A Photo of Fender Tag and Pencil Rubbing of Fender Tag is required
      Aka Body Code Plate.  We would like to see some photos of vehicle also

Color Copy of the  Broadcast Sheet
Aka Track Sheet

  • OPTIONAL: Photocopy of Original Window Sticker, Invoice, etc. Written Fender Tag must accompany pencil rubbing
  • Proof of ownership–bill of sale, title, or registration showing current owner of vehicle. 


ALSO: If the Broadcast Sheet you found is not the correct sheet for your car: send items 1 & 2 above along with the Broadcast Sheet found. I may have your original Broadcast Sheet.

Decoding Services

A. Verification and decode of a Broadcast Sheet                   

B. Verification and decode of fender tag, and Galen’s 2 page  Registry Letter     

C. Verification and decode of fender tag, broadcast sheet & Galen’s 2 page Registry 

D.  Verification and  decode of  partial Broadcast Sheet along with  Fender Tag   and Galen’s 2 page registry      

If we determine that the fender tag or broadcast sheet  is incorrect or bogus we will decline the order. All charges still apply.  We will send a decline letter with an explanation as to why we are declining the order.   We will not decode a bogus or incorrect fender tag. 

Please send clear pictures of fender tag, dash vin, proof of ownership along with the broadcast sheet if you have one so we may review and quote price.  You may e-mail your information to

Turnaround time depends on Galen’s travel schedule and current workload

Status of order e-mails are not sent out daily!

All prices and product requirements effective  January 1, 2018

  Call or Write:

Galen’s Tag Service, LLC.
Galen V. Govier
PO Box 516
Prairie du Chien, WI  53821-0516
(608) 326-6346 VOX
(608) 326-8061 FAX


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