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Who is Galen Govier & What is GTS?

Let me explain, GTS is not a Car Club, it is the name of my business. It stands for Galen’s Tag Service.  I reproduce rusty or missing fender tags for 1962-1974 Dodge, Plymouth & Chrysler products, and am considered the acknowledged authority on the decoding of VIN, fender tag, and Broadcast Sheet Information for all Mopars.

I have written 8 books on identifying Cars & Parts. These books include Serial Number decoding along with Production Figures and Sales Codes. I can answer most any question that is asked of me, and I will give you an honest answer to the best of my knowledge. It may not always be the answer you want to hear, but it will be from my 20 years of experience dealing with the cars, which have become so valuable. In 1985 a 1971 hemi cuda convertible was worth from $15-$25,000. In 1999 a 1971 hemi cuda convertible in the same condition is worth from $250-$500,000.  In 2003 a 1971 hemi cuda convertible sold for $800,000.  In 2005 a 1971 hemi cuda convertible sold for $3,000,000.

My newest service is GALEN’S REGISTRY LETTER.   Many times, I get calls from enthusiasts who want to know how many are left like theirs.  I have to explain that they made these cars at 8 different plants. It was not as a VIPER where they were all made at one plant, and that is all they built. Every plant made more than one model, so there is no way to find out which number your 1970 Hemi Cuda was (unless it is serial number BS23R0B100001, or until we get all the records for that plant.)  Until that day, all we can go by is how many are accounted for in Galen’s database, and we get that amount from the database of Serial Numbers that I have gathered from various sources since 1982.  What you get back for a fee is a signed and embossed two page document worthy of framing.

GTS offers many Mopar-related services and even more Mopar-related information and products.  And don’t forget to check out the Tip of the Month and Frequently Asked Questions!

Please Note : We ARE currently taking orders!  Also, the website is in the process of being revamped, so be patient with any missing or strange looking content.  Thanks for your patience!

Keep the Faith,
Galen V. Govier

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